In her new book,
Significant! from Frustrated to Franne-tastic,
author and serial entrepreneur Franne McNeal shares and shows women frustrated in their careers how to increase energy, embrace opportunities, find support, love life and stay significant in a competitive market.

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Significant! Reviews

Significant! from Frustrated to Franne-tastic by Franne is extremely motivating, relatable, and a true pleasure to read. The way Franne draws from her own experience demonstrates how we can learn and grow from our own.

Agnieszka Wilk

Decorilla Ltd.

Franne’s approach in text mimics her approach in person. Her mindfulness of time and efficiency enables her to communicate powerful messages in short, memorable snapshots– such as remembering to be ready for the big opportunity, or bringing flowers wherever you go.

Mika Bulmash

Wine for the World

Franne’ s book is fueled by her tremendous, generous energy and full of courageous, useful insights that can truly help you transform yourself and your business. Franne understands that significance is created from the inside out.

Margie Strosser, MFA

Award Winning Producer

“Franne has used her personal stories to remind us that we are, indeed, Significant! We have the power to triumph after major setbacks.”

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How to Successfully Sell Yourself as an Independent Professional


How to Successfully Know How Much To Charge


How to Successfully Determine Your Consultant Salary and Billing Rate

Part 3: You Got It, Now Manage It.


How to Successfully Manage Scope Creep


How to Successfully Write a Client Report


How to Successfully Create Long-Term Value for Your Clients

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