Customized Executive Interviews

SignificantTV is a 15-minute interview format that allows entrepreneurs to share their significant stories in first person, direct to the viewer. SignificantTV explores the future of entrepreneurship learning, by exploring the present (and wide variety of) realities...

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Strategic Retreats

Strategic, long-term planning benefits a small business by allowing it to be proactive in its growth, rather than by simply reacting to market conditions. Retreats are an efficient way to create a long-term plan, as they eliminate distractions caused by working...

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Relationships, Results, Revenues

Are you a business professional who wants more clients and more revenues?  Do you have a great product and/or service, but not great sales?  Are you increasing your marketing, but the money doesn't seem to follow?  Why is whom you know and what you do for them, as...

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1% of Business Owners are Millionaires

This is an Example of a Post Title There’s a very good reason just 1% of business owners are millionaires. They have a very different world-view than the vast majority of business owners. Three reasons why Top 1% think and act differently: They understand their...

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Introduction to the financial ruler of business: revenues – expenses = profits, using basic concepts that are important to the daily life of youth. Profits is all about: purpose, relationships, ownership, financials, interest, teamwork, and sensibility. Donec quam...

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Business Plan Competition

Five benefits of participating (and winning!) a business plan competition: 1) Multiple Points of Feedback. 2) Connections 3) Social Proof 4) Money 5) Working towards goals. Donec quam felis, ultricies nec, pellentesque eu, pretium quis, sem. Nulla consequat massa quis...

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Focus Your Energy For Action

Sometimes it is personal.  You feel overwhelmed, de-motivated and frustrated.  Events outside of your control threaten your professional and personal success.  Perform with limited resources, make better decisions and take faster action.  Anticipate and respond...

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10 Seeds Of Success To Grow Your Life

Are you sowing seeds of doubt or seeds of hope?  What grains of truth lay undiscovered because you aren't looking outside the box?  Use the 10 critical business seeds of success to reexamine your dreams and design your destiny. Donec quam felis, ultricies nec,...

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January 2021


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